A New Look for Fall

I just redesigned this site to give it a fresher, cleaner look. What do you think? Please drop me a line if you experience any problems with the layout/navigation.

At Tasting Table: Eat Your Books

open book with light page rollI wrote a piece for the daily food email newsletter Tasting Table about Eat Your Books, an interesting new website that can help you turn your cookbook collection into an online recipe database.

Huh? Online search for print? Read more about how it works.

Read Me on Epicurious

I’ve just started writing for Epicurious as a contributor to its “Epi-Log” blog. So, now you can find me here, at GastroBuzz, The Food Section, and Epicurious.

That should keep me pretty busy, but not too busy to  do even some more writing/editing projects, so send me an email if you have an opportunity to discuss!

Local Pasta at “The Local”

I wrote a piece for the New York Times “The Local” about a late summer pasta recipe made with ricotta, fresh tomatoes, and corn:

“Pasta: Celebrating Summer’s Last Gasp” [New York Times]

Websites: The Food Section

I am the creator, publisher, and editor of The Food Section, an award-winning website about food, wine, and travel.

I launched The Food Section in 2003, turning a longtime interest in food into a leading website about all things gastronomical–from recipes and cooking to restaurants, breaking news, cookbooks, and more. Gourmet magazine has called The Food Section the “consummate gastronomic blog,” and Food & Wine named it one of the Internet’s five essential websites (read more about what they’re saying here).

The editorial content of The Food Section is diverse: food events, ingredients, cooking techniques, and industry news are all regularly featured on The Food Section. Have a look at some examples below:


“Shopping List” is a front-of-the-book style feature that highlights interesting new food products, books, and ingredients, such as “Stirr,” an automated stirring gadget.


The “Dictionary of Modern Gastronomy” documents new words — from foodscape to meatmare — that have entered the contemporary food lexicon. In this example, the appearance of “arugulance” is noted.


The Food Section regularly publishes reviews of food-related television series, books, and films, such as the recent documentary “Food, Inc.”


This post about a “Winter caprese” salad of mozzarella and citrus is an example of The Food Section’s cooking content, which covers techniques, ingredients, and recipes.


Food events are listed in the “Agenda,” an ongoing food events calendar. Notable food events, like this springtime “ramp hunt” in upstate New York, are highlighted in featured posts.


The Food Section reports on new book releases, from chef biographies to food history to cookbooks.


As a freelance writer, my writing on food has appeared in print and online in leading newspapers, magazines and websites.

Print Media

My articles on food for print publications have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Out New York, and the BBC’s Olive magazine, among other outlets.

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The New York Times

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The New York Times

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Olive Magazine (BBC)

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Bene Magazine

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The Washington Post

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Time Out New York

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The Morning News

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The Morning News

Online Media

In addition to blogging for The Food Section, I have also blogged for the websites Epicurious and CHOW and contributed articles to the daily email newsletter Tasting Table.

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Blogger, Epicurious.com

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Blogger, CHOW.com


Tasting Table


Tasting Table



Welcome to JoshFriedland.com

So, what’s this all about?

Unlike my main website (The Food Section), this site is a place to showcase my work as a writer and editor, including online experience, freelance food writing, and corporate communications.

I’m available for interesting new projects, so if you are looking for a writer (freelance, part-time, or full-time), send me an email.


I have more than 12 years of experience creating and managing the production of a wide array of annual reports, newsletters, brochures, and videos, with a specialty in non-profit institutions.

Annual Reports

At the Hospital for Special Surgery, I worked with multiple designers, photographers, and writers to produce annual reports, from the concept stage to final publication. Below are some examples.

horwinter08Read Now horizonwinter06jRead Now more sampleRead Now
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I created a tri-annual newsletter featuring Hospital for Special Surgery’s scientific division to promote a $110 million fundraising campaign for research.

Summer_2006_D2R-175pxRead Nowd2rspring05Read Nowd2rimplantRead Now

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Working with independent video producers, I created a series of films for Hospital for Special Surgery’s annual fundraising gala event. Below are two examples:

“Ahead of the Field”

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“Building on Success”

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Photography: Food, People, and Places

Below is a small sampling of my travel photography of food, people, and places. Click on the thumbnails to view full-size images.

Praise From the Media

Gourmet, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Time, and the Boston Globe are just a few of the magazines, newspapers, and websites that have featured my work.

Honors and Awards